7 Tips for Beach Yoga

July 08, 2015

Beach you You’ve never practiced yoga on the beach or maybe you have never even taken a yoga class. You imagine yourself silhouetted by the rising sun, arms raised in salute, bowing to the morning. The idea of yoga on the beach can be romantic but it has challenges that are different from yoga at home or in the studio. To make your beach practice as peaceful and rewarding as possible take heed to our 7 Tips for Beach Yoga. #1 Sun Screen: This is not the time to suntan. If you face the morning sun, which is the tradition in yoga, your face will get fried. The ocean reflects the morning sun and magnifies it power. It looks and feels amazing but you do not want to ignore Tip #1 #2 Beach Towel: Yoga mats do not work in the sand. Towels don’t work so great either but once you start to sweat you don’t want to roll around in the sand. The only time I have ever seen yoga mats work was when the teacher handed out wood planks to go under the yoga mats, and it worked great. Bring a towel, the bigger the better. #3 Dig Your Feet In: Sand is not a level surface. This can make any standing yoga pose difficult and potentially more injury prone. The solution is to turn your feet a couple times so they dig deeper into the sand, giving you better balance. Imagine attempting a split for the first time in your life and the sand gives out under your foot, ouch! Dig your feet into the sand for a solid footing. #4 Wear Cool Clothing: When is the last time you went to the beach wearing spandex head to toe. News flash, plastic clothing does not breath, even if it says so on the tag. Natural fabrics will keep you cool, healthy and in tune with Mother Nature. #5 Tip Your Yoga Teacher: One of the best things about getting in tune with the yoga community is all the free yoga. In almost every town in America there are free yoga classes going on all the time. If you are in a beach town I am willing to wager that there is free beach yoga going on every day or at least once a week. It is part of the culture. They call it Karma Yoga. When you go to one of these classes it is normal to give a donation to the teacher. Every dollar ads up so don’t be shy. #6 Bring Your Mom: Odds are your Mom is the amazing person who first introduced you to the beach. Return the favor and get Mom’s toes in the sand. I have been to fantastic amusement parks and seen crying children and frustrated parents. On the beach it is all smiles for miles, not a frown to be found. Share the morning sun with Mom. #7 Bring a Bathing Suit: Don’t forget your suit. When you are covered in sweat and sand and felling enlightened the ocean is going to call out your name. Be prepared. Jumping in the ocean after morning sun salutations is up there with chocolate as one of life’s greatest treats. Live the life you want. Do it.   Namaste…….