BoomYoga Energy and Healing Arts Program at EarthDance Florida 2015

July 24, 2015

Greetings Yogis! Ready to relax for the weekend?   I want to take this time to invite you to a really cool camping, transformational art and music festival; Earthdance Florida. Earthdance Global is the Largest Synchronized Festival for World Peace in History!!! ♥FB_IMG_1435252609594 Today, there are hundreds of Earthdance locations in sixty countries participating. For this one weekend of September 19, 2015, all around the globe, people join together to dance as one global community, united with a common vision for peace and humanitarian aims. Every event across the globe recites a Prayer for Peace at the same moment – morning in the Australian rainforest, afternoon in California, dusk in Florida, midnight in London, and sunrise over the Himalayas. We are celebrating from September 17- 20 at the amazing Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, Florida. Earthdance FLorida is a beautiful festival put together by Sarasota's Controlled Chaos Productions and made up and activated of a beautiful Florida Tribe that comes from all over the South East. And I welcome all of you to the Florida tribe. We are making Earthdance Florida.  The theme of this years festival is the awakening of Kundalini. Together we are making this feathered serpent rise and activate our Chakras. I get the honor to envision and with BoomYoga,  co-create in VIshuddha; Honoring Communication and Growth, the connection to Spirit. The Throat Chakra center of the festival hosting the Flow Arts Workshop Space — Energy + Healing Workshop Space — Earth Skills Workshop Space This is my second year in a row curating Yoga and Healing arts programming at Earth Dance Florida.  BoomYoga ia a passionately flowering vision of activating amazing Yoga and Healing Arts zones at music and art festivals. This years program guarantees festival goers a weekend retreat, where powerful seeds of healing and mind-body-spirit expansion will be planted. Our workshop presenters and intentional ceremonies will provide the inspiration for these amazing seeds to sprout in our lives.  How much we grow and expand is our individual journey. I feel honored I can share my Yoga and Acroyoga and water the "Vibes" in this way. I love co-creating these transformational festivals because I'm learning so much!  I get to work with some of the most inspiring people in the world… BOOM. The Healing Arts program at EarthDance Florida 2015, is designed as a ceremony to take participants on a transformative and expansive journey. Through out the weekend, sequencing Yoga and Qi gong in many forms: Breathwork, Nada Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini, Flow, Acroyoga and Body Work classes, Interesting talks and Powerful Active Meditations.   TICKETS You can buy your tickets here.  save money with exclusive discount, use promo code 'BOOMYOGA' at check out.  Whenever I go to a transformational festivals, I attend as many workshops as I can. I stay strong and in a high vibration, dancing a lot, getting good rest and loading up with good clean food, alkaline water, and super foods like Cacao.  This year I will be hosting a Cacao Ceremony... Join me! Check out my Facebook event page for The BoomYoga Energy and Healing arts programming at EarthDance Florida 2015. As for the rest of the festival, the other 6 Chakras... The Installation, Live Art, Intentional ceremonies, Effigy Burn and the Global Prayer for Peace. I hope you are ready to connect with some beautiful people! Featuring music from Dessert Dwellers and Kayla Scintilla and many more! We will be dancing so much that being comfortable is key. I say be yourself, that's the most important thing. This is why I recommend wearing the best, most comfortable festival wear, the same thing I wear everyday, organic Cotton Yogiiza. Join me in this Transformational movement. Hope to see you guys making conscious choices at dance floors and sharing the healing arts around the world. Wear Yogiiza. They make so really bad ass Yoga clothes for men and women. Lets make the conscious choices, make the organic choices that  support our planet’s ecosystem. For 10% off your Organic conscious yoga wear go to , type in promo code: yogijoaquin at checkout.   Until next time,BOOM YOGA Logo - White BK - WHT LTRS Love, Joaquin De Teresa