Commitment is the Key to Contentment

October 28, 2015

The Earth is in Our HandsTo know where you stand in this moment is something that takes practice. As a yogi I am committed to studying my bodymind and cultivating an awareness of the eternal NOW. If you are not aware of your own physical experience in this moment than where are you? What is your pinky toe doing at this moment? Is your jaw relaxed? What is the spatial relationship between your lower back, mid-back, and neck.  Are they in fluid balance or locked in a habitual posture? Where are your thoughts taking you right now? Is a percentage of your consciousness devoted to physical self awareness? Are your thoughts causing stress in the bodymind, or are they creating a relaxed being?  Are your behaviors and thoughts manifesting the World you witness? I believe that the bodymind is the tuning fork through which a person brings the whole Universe into harmony. If your body is neglected than so goes the World. If you are not aware of the impact of the choices you make than you are not a fully grown adult human. Life does not truly begin until you find yourself in the present moment and commit to standing in that moment. No one is going to write a biography about the person who stood on the side lines. Everyone's perspective is slightly different and your perspective is the correct perspective. I'm not talking about your opinions that are based on the noise in your mind. I'm referring to what you experience when all 5 senses are finely tuned into this moment. When you are aware of how your own weight is balancing between all four corners of both feet. When you are awake you will notice that standing is a balancing act and nothing is still. You are at the center of the universe and all energy resonates through you, and yes, you are responsible for the state of the World. In these moments your purpose is revealed. Everyone has these moments weather you practice physical yoga or not. It is yoga that helps me visit the Now more frequently and sustain my commitment to my purpose. When i get intoxicated the whole World is drunk. When I am sad everything is gray and dreary. When I am happy the sun is shining and the birds are singing. The Universe is a reflection of you. Commit your self to what you see with clear present vision and you will be at peace and content.  When you Avoid yourself and the vision you see in moments of clarity you live a restless life. Dive into life and give all you have. When you die make sure your tank is on empty. Go out there and get some bruises and scars. Get in some fights with those who oppose your vision. Get wet. Get cold. Cry and laugh. What ever you do make sure you are fully committed and your life will not be waisted.  Remember that your vision may be in opposition to mine or someone else's and that is OK as long as your vision is clear and present. This is Life. Good and bad and Truth are relative terms.  Those who believe that there is only one truth have yet to commit fully to living.  They are still waiting to wake up or for someone else to show them the way. They may just be so buried in a ditch under a mountain of blind people that they will have to be born again to see clearly.  You may think that this is a selfish perspective and not the whole truth, and you may be correct. I would like to read your blog about it. This is my view when I stand alert, ready and committed. I have looked into the eyes of the 10 billion eyed beast and seen its 10,000 fangs dripping with blood. I stood my ground ready to fight only to be eaten, digested, and born again. While in the belly of the beast I saw many things. I saw Deserts where there were once lush forests. I saw great floods wash away civilization. I saw ancient cultures rise up and take back the land. I felt the pain of animals whose backs have born the weight of our culture. I could not find water to drink anywhere and choked on the hot air. The depths of the suffering I witnessed turned my soul to ash. The strangest thing is that the more i avoided the sensations the more intense the struggle became. I was shown a mirror and in the mirror I saw that I was this beast.  I was formless, complex, restless, and all devouring. I saw that I am responsible for all the suffering of the World. I surrendered to this truth and my suffering turned to rapture. I came out the other side filled with purpose, ready to stand up and be counted as one who has awoken to Life. I saw the importance of taking sides and not just watching the battle or pretending that the battle does not exist. Anyone who knows me knows that I have devoted my all to giving people a side to choose. I have chosen to take the side of Mother Earth and fight for her. Not with just words but with daily action. Few really understand how real my commitment to this is. I have put my money where my mouth is and not only by buying organic and sustainable products at the store. I have given my entire life savings to this cause. I have convinced others to give hundreds of thousands of real hard earned dollars $$. I have gathered thousands of like minded people behind my banner. I am way to far down this path to shrink away from calling out the weak and hypocritical choices of others who claim to be teachers of awareness. Be the Change or get out of the way and stop pretending to be something you are not. Does the brand you wear add to the destruction of the Earth? What are you committed too? I am sure that the Nazi youth were just as excited to be chosen by that Nazi brand as you were when you got your brand ambassador outfits.  Wake up!  Don't sell your power and influence so cheaply. Choose to get pissed off at me for writing this and attack me, just pick a side and be conscious of that choice. You may be surprised at the contentment your commitment brings.