Fight the Power

January 08, 2017

ewok1 I am tired of accepting the status-quo. I am fed up with giant oil cooperations, chemical companies, drug companies and their puppet governments. I will not accept eating tortured animals. I do not want to eat GMO fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with poisons. I do not want to accept a world with 500 oceanic dead zones due to the over use of chemical fertilizers. I want to wear real organic clothing not clothing made from chemicals. I will not eat fish that is corn fed. I will not eat endangered tuna fish. That's right tuna fish is an endangered species. So much of the natural world is being destroyed before our eyes. It is time to allow yourself to feel the full range of God given emotions. The time to fight for what is good and wholesome is now! How do we stand up for our values when violence is not an option? Sometimes we feel like we are helpless to do anything and this is when the tendency for violence is strongest. The good news is, we are not helpless. Choosing organic products is in direct opposition to all of the for mentioned evils. Choosing organic is a revolutionary act moving us closer to an enlightened World. When we choose organic we are saying No to oil companies and chemical pollution. The enemy spends a great amount of energy manipulating the media. They would have you think that "Organic" is some how bullshit or that it is fake. I am here to tell you that Organic farmers are real. Organic companies are on the front lines of the most important battle of our times. The next time you have a chance, go and visit an Organic farm. Organic farms are noisy with life. Birds and insects are are buzzing around and there is a halo of tiny little angel like life forms. Next visit an industrial farm and you will see the stark contrast. Industrial farms are silent unless the machines are running or the sprinklers are busy spraying poisons. You may think that your choices do not make a difference but that is not true. Your choices make all the difference. Together our combined choices add up to a global revolution. A peaceful revolution for Mother Earth. Every choice we make has consequences. Choose Natural, Choose Organic, Choose to be a Revolutionary fighter for Mother Earth. Namaste