new crystal moons

December 21, 2014

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new moons new solstice new year. new patterns new places new tears. new feelings old feelings same feelings.   the sky awoke shy this morning, the light of the lunar still sleeping. crystals dressed in palo santo lay tucked in the warm soil of the garden, covered in soft threads of sage and rosemary. reflecting reflecting they show us ourselves, distorted and dancing in darkness - so take them to shower in the sea when they wake, salty sand scrubbing the sordid stagnation away.   tonight marks the longest night of the year, the deepest and darkest - time to pull out your dreams and desires and offer them to the light that is coming tomorrow.   reflect what the last 12 moons have brought, and hold your crystals tight as you will what the next 12 will bring.   the clearer the crystal the clearer the casts of light, the clearer the concentration the clearer the consciousness – thoughts desires motivations simply stories projected into movies of the mind.   let it play as you dance to its soundtrack, let the story change, and let your awareness watch unattached because you are the camera the projector the control– focus your intentions like you would an image, adjust your perspective like you would the light, and turn the volume way down when it’s loud without asking permission, turning it up when you jam to the song.   so sit still for a moment, closing your eyes, your knees laying soft on your feet. your body will tell you before does your mind, it’s time to wake up from this sleep. envision this sacred and swirling blue world filled with souls you are ready to meet, releasing the stuck being done with the broken, let love be the one thing you keep.   envision soft forests and green bamboo thickets shooting straight up to the sky, maybe help a poor soul on the side of the road, and offer to give him a ride. jump in the ocean take off your clothes - never let anyone asking you why, hold hands with a stranger, drink the sunset, as your heart feels the rise of the tide.   envision the beauty of all that surrounds you, watch as it catches the light, play with the soft messy curls of her hair and notice how love has no price. so when this sun sets, quiet your mind as you call your intentions tonight, hands on your heart whisper the moon, and know to take all this advice.   sit still, find, and feel. take a bath in the sea, light some candles, and set your intentions fly free.