Acro Yoga with Friends

October 21, 2015

People of the EarthToday is a good day.  I played with some loyal friends in a beautiful park here in South Florida.  The Trio Yoga crew got together to shoot some photos for their up coming Instagram challenge. I was so happy to be invited and flattered that they all chose to wear YOGiiZA organic clothing for the shoot. Everyone looked so beautiful and natural. My friends really made me feel loved and supported. I want to thank them all: Arianne Traverso, Joaquin De Teresa, Robert Newmans, Megan Newmans, Barbara Alfanzo, and Brian Lester. Thank you all for supporting the vision of a conscious brand. You are the change makers. Acro Ewoks acroyoga Acro yoga Good Spotter Slacroduo All Natural Beautiful and Natural Flying Ninja Star IMG_5527 IMG_5525