Working with Intention in Life and Yoga Practice

July 22, 2015

Light Worker Working with Intention in Life and Yoga Practice If you've ever attended one of my yoga classes, then I am sure you've heard me say "focus on your Sankalpa, or set an intention for your practice". I know that on my journey, for a long time, I didn't really know what that meant. So my intention writing this post is to shine some light on what "Setting an Intention" means to me, how I use this practice to raise my vibration, and what it may be able to do for you. Working with intention is a practice for awakened Yogis. Setting an intention for yoga practice is an powerful energetic tool that we can use as a way to take the magic and energy of our practice out into the world. The practice of setting an intention helps us to unite the yoga that is happening on the mat with the yoga that happens off the mat. It is like building a bridge between what we work through on the mat and what we continue to focus on after. Also, by working with intention we are giving the yoga practice more importance in our lives. You can do your Yoga practice to "be more awake", rather than doing yoga just for exercise. A way to learn to set an intention is practicing bringing awareness to qualities and virtues that we desire to cultivate. Some examples of this can be focusing on: what we are grateful for, patience, being present in the moment, forgiveness, acceptance, releasing negativity, peacefulness, being aware of the breath, and being good to the environment. Intend to walk lightly on Mother Earth. Choose organic; eat organic, wear organic natural fibers; wear Yogiiza. So here is how to set an intention for yoga practice: For example, picture yourself having your 'golden moment' (that moment in the beginning of class when its silent, after I asked you to focus on your intention), and in your minds eye say "I am awakened Yogi, I see clearly, I am abundant, I choose only what is best for Pachamama..." And then give thanks. Give thanks for being awake, for seeing clearly, for being abundant, for having a human experience, Earthling in this beautiful abundant planet. Give thanks! Ohm, Ohm, Ohm, Yoga practice, Namaste... At the end of class, remind your self of your intention, repeat it to yourself 3 times, and in gratitude take with you when you leave the studio. In addition, as we continue to focus on our intention after class has finished, our energy is uplifted and there is an increase in our vibration. The intentional reality in which we live in makes this practice an Energetic body boost. When we begin to embody the energy of our intention a side-effect is that it is energetically contagious to who ever we meet. It uplifts those around us. Thereby acting as an example to inspire the lives of those that we encounter. So lets live to our highest intentions aligned with our desire to see and walk in beauty, being the best versions of ourselves. Lets make awakened choices knowing that we live in an intentional reality. And since we know of the power of intention to be true, It’s our responsibility to keep. Let's live life expressing our authentic truth and embodying this energy. Thank you for your time my Organic awakened Yogi friends. Remember that Yogiiza means "King among Yogis" Wear Yogiiza. Lets make the conscious choices, make the organic choices that  support our planet’s ecosystem. For 10% off your Organic conscious yoga wear go to , type in promo code: yogijoaquin at checkout. I hope to see you in class soon. Follow me: Namaste, Yogi Joaquin De Teresa