Yoga Studio Review: P.S.Yoga, Oakland Park, FL

December 29, 2016

Wednesday morning I posted on my Facebook page: "Where should I practice Yoga today, Any suggestions?" I received a few recommendations and all were very tempting. All the suggestions happened to fall within the rush hour traffic time. I decided to check out P.S. Yoga in Oakland Park, Florida with yogi Peter Grauer. I made this choice because I had never met Peter nor had I been to his studio. The rush hour did turn out to be a true obstacle. I made it to the class 10 minutes late, but better late than never. 

I arrived, took off my shirt and rolled my mat out. I jumped right into Parsvottanasana and began deep Ujjayi breathing. Peter has a very gentle and calm voice. It was late in the day so I was able to ease right into the pose. Yogi Peter demonstrated how to move with fluid easy through vinyasa sequencing and took his time to allow for a full breath.  I really appreciate this powerful meditative style of leadership. The series of yoga poses was very powerful. Sweat quickly began to pour from my face. After many controlled series of vinyasa we were led through a challenging routine of standing postures on both the left and right side. I thought my quadriceps where going to catch fire.  I had to take some short breaks to wipe the sweat from my face. The finishing sequence included several Quad stretches that balanced out the standing poses perfectly. We ended with some relaxing twists, a challenging series of boat poses and a hard earned savasana. While relaxing in savasana Peter placed cool towels, with essential oil, over the students eyes. This extra effort is what keeps people coming back to P.S. Yoga.

I loved the class and Peter demonstrated that he has an excellent understanding of hatha yoga. He is a warn soul and P.S. Yoga Studio is an inviting expression of an open heart. If you are looking for a great place to sweat and stretch in the Oakland Park, Florida area you have to check out P.S. Yoga. For more information click on the link or check them out on Facebook.