Ewoks Don't wear Plastic Yoga Pants

December 16, 2014

star-wars-ewok-papercraftIn Star Wars did you identify with the Storm Troupers and the Evil Empire or did you see yourself as one of the Rebel Forces fighting for the salvation of your planet against the Death Star? I have been and always will be part of the Rebel Forces. I am not sure I would last more than 30 seconds in one of those plastic costumes the Storm Troupers wear. Do you remember those old movies where there are two rival families or two teams from different summer camps. Isn't it funny how the douche bags are always wearing matching polyester uniforms and the family or summer camp team you always identify with wear cottons.  There is something about that cuddly lovable family that just wouldn't feel right if they were dressed in slick nylon athletic uniforms. You always want the underdogs to come out on top and in the end they do.  Why is it that the evil empire troops always wear polyester outfits and those who are fighting for the survival of the planet are always dressed in natural fabrics? The answer is simple. The only person who would join the Evil Empire is an unconscious one. The Evil Empire actually represents the uncontrolled delusional collective ego of humanity. The Rebel Forces represent the consciousness of humanity. Of course members of the rebel forces wear clothing that is in harmony with nature. To wear anything else would be a contradiction. What are you wearing?