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108 with 305 Spiritual Gangsters at 1111 Lincoln Rd

October 06, 2011

Many of you out there are more than likely familiar with Terri Cooper and her organization the 305 Spiritual Gangsters.  however those of you who aren't and should be here's the run down, Terri founded and runs the Miami-based non-profit which brings HOPE in the form of yoga to at-risk youth targeting community centers, schools, jails, and shelters.The Yoga-aid challenge was to complete 108 sun salutations and raise as much as possible for the continued expansion of the movement.  Of course the real challenge is to empower and educate. In terms of turnout the event was a definite success there were at least as many of the 500 yogis and yoginis as predicted and spirits were elevated.  Showing up at the 7th floor of Lincoln Road's new concrete parking lot brilliantly designed by architects Herzog & De Meuron on a breezy sunday morning and seeing literally hundreds of mats and their accompanying participants was inspiring to say the least! Many many Miami yoga studios were represented (Prana, GreenMonkey, the Standard, Rina, Synergy, Budakan, et al.)  there to sweat it out for the greater good.  The beauty of this organization, which has been in existence since 2007, is that it has grown organically to incorporate the best intentions of the yoga community to help alleviate the suffering of those in need. Let me be completely honest here, its people like Terri Cooper and the 305 spiritual gangsters who are rising to the occasion in these often bleak and dire times to shine light into the lives of those among us who are literally living in darkness.  I hear a whole lot of talk about taking yoga off the mat, well this diverse group of talented passionate people is doing just that.  It has been said that to save a single life is to save the whole world.  Well if there is ever going to be shift in the consciousness of our fellow sentient beings then it simply MUST begin with reaching out to those who need it most.  To truly embrace the spirit of karma yoga is do the work, selflessly and without attachment to the results for the simple fact is there is so much work to be done. If you were unable to attend, and you care, then please follow the words that i heard that day from Marisol Tamez, the instructor who guided us through some of the final salutations, and GIVE SOMETHING BACK!  If there is something you love to do whether it be yoga, art, music, whatever it is (seriously it could be accounting, or gardening) teach someone in your community.  share your gift.  That is yoga. Thank you Terri Cooper and the 305 Spritual Gangsters for more information on what you can do to HELP:

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