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Change One Towel, Change the World

April 12, 2016

A Happy bunchThe solutions for solving Global Warming and other environmental insults are simple and obvious. The choices you make manifest the World you choose. All of us have the power to choose activities and products that move the Planet back from the brink of destruction. The fate of the Earth is in your hands every time you step up to the banana section of the supermarket. Do you pick the Bananas or the Organic Bananas? Bananas are farmed more than any other fruit on the planet. If we all choose the Organic Bananas there will be no more pesticide, agro chemical bananas grown. It really is that simple. The Agro-chemical banana has more than 2x the carbon footprint of the Organic banana. This is true for almost all farmed products. When it comes to choosing synthetic products over natural products the carbon footprint difference starts to get much greater than 2 to 1. Please stop wearing plastic clothing people. I know LeBron James does it, but he is being paid hundreds of millions of dollars to do so. You are not, so why would you put toxic chemicals, posing as clothing, on your body? Are we people or sheeple?   It is obvious that some people have more power than others, but in most cases even the people who have power do not realize it. Take for example The CEO of a hotel brand. Imagine the impact it has when that man or woman chooses the Organic bananas over the agro-chemical bananas. Hilton Worldwide operates 4,610 properties for a total of 758,502 rooms. If the CEO of Hilton decided to order 3 organic bananas in each guest room instead of 3 regular bananas That would equal approx. 2.3 Million bananas without toxic pesticides, herbicides, and Nitrogen fertilizers. I’m sure that if Hilton did give away 3 bananas in every room they would go through 3 new bananas a day. That would be about 16 million bananas per week! Now that’s a big bunch of bananas. Some people’s choices have massive environmental impacts.   I’m not sure if Hilton even offers bananas in their rooms, so it’s not fare to burden the CEO with all those dirty bananas, but I am sure that Hilton has 3 towels in every room. The carbon footprint of a regular cotton towel is 1.9 kilograms or 4.18 pounds. The carbon footprint of a towel made with Organic cotton is less than 0.9 kg making the difference between the two towels approximately 1 kg or 2.2 pounds. Again, Hilton Worldwide operates 758,502 rooms equaling approx. 2.3 Million Towels. If the CEO chooses to offer Organic towels instead of agro-chemical towels the total amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere would weigh over 5 million pounds! This would also remove approximately 1.5 million pounds of Toxic pesticides, herbicides and Nitrogen fertilizers. Keep in mind that these numbers are conservative and they only apply to one choice, the choice of an Organic Towel.   It is time for us all to stand up and be leaders. Choose the organic banana. Choose the organic towel. Your choices have the power to save the World.  At YOGiiZA we are doing our best to offer people choices that manifest global change. YOGiiZA is your source for organic Towel and linens. Change one towel, change the World. Happy Shopping. Peace be with you Namaste :)

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