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8 Creative Ways to Re-use YOGiiZA Tins

February 18, 2014

[caption id="attachment_2126" align="alignleft" width="300"]Eco-Friendly Packaging Store your household items in YOGiiZA tins![/caption] 1. At the office- use YOGiiZA tins to place pens, scissors, highlighters, paper clips and business cards in an organized place. 2. In your bathroom, place q-tips, cotton balls, hair-ties, combs and tampons in YOGiiZA tins of all sizes. 3. For your jewelry- Safely store your jewelry in YOGiiZA tins and cover valuables with a cap. 4. As a cutlery holder - At your next buffet, place forks, knives and spoons each in their own tin. 5. DIY projects- make your favorite candle or homemade body scrub and store it in a YOGiiZA tin! 6. As a small flower vase or a planter for beautiful succulents! My personal favorites are gerbera daisies! 7. Use a large YOGiiZA tin to store your favorite YOGiiZA thongs! 8. Store your favorite herbs and teas in YOGiiZA tins!

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