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AcroYoga™ Weekend with Arianne Traverso and Josh Young

July 16, 2013

[caption id="attachment_1967" align="alignleft" width="300"]Josh Young Josh Young[/caption] This past weekend was filled with highflying AcroYoga™ fun.  Thanks to Miami acroyogi Arianne Traverso of Trio Yoga and acroyogi Josh Young of many of us, who are in the know, had an experience we will never forget.  Lots of my readers already know Arianne Om the founder of Trio Mind Body Spirit Yoga studio located in the hip Winwood district of Miami.  If you have never heard of Ari then you must be on the very fringe of the Miami Yoga Community.  Just about everyone involved with yoga in Miami knows Ari.  Arianne Traverso is the original acroyogi of Miami Beach.  Before anyone had heard of AcroYoga™ Ari was already hosting free classes in Flamingo Park.  Anyway, thanks to Ari’s worldwide connections throughout the yoga community she happened to know acroyogi phenomenon Josh Young. Josh hales from Washington D.C. and Ari coaxed him down to Miami for the weekend to teach an AcroYoga™ workshop at Trio Yoga.  So big deal another yoga workshop with another yogi.  Like there aren’t dozens of these being hyped on facebook everyday, but Josh Young is truly unique.  Josh is 6’8” tall with a size 18 shoe and he can move as graceful as any of us.  He is a man who has found his calling in life.  This was clear to me within the first hour of meeting him.  It became crystal clear when he tossed me in the air and had me doing a handstand balancing on his hands while being held in the air.  I have not felt like that since I was about 8 years old when my father used to toss me in the air.  My smile went from ear to ear and when I looked around the room I was not the only one.  We were all beaming with glee.  In AcroYoga™ the guys do not get to fly much.  We spend most of our time lifting the girls up, but Josh was able to fly even the biggest of the men in the room.  If he was able to do this with the men just imagine how light he made the girls feel.  Josh is a bright light that touched every one of us.  Thank you Josh for making us all feel like little kids. Trio Mind Body Spirit Yoga studio is the place to come, learn and practice this exciting spin on yoga, AcroYoga™.  If you missed the amazing Josh Young don’t panic he will be back, and you can brush up on your AcroYoga™ skills weekly at Trio Yoga with Ari and yogi Joaquin.  Josh also has a super cool website, , where you can go and watch hours of videos of Josh and other acroyogis doing these crazy moves they call “Washing Machines”.  A washing machine is an acrobatic series of poses that can be repeated in a cyclical flow.  The site is an index of AcroYoga™ poses and Washing Machines where you can search and also contribute your own videos of Washing Machines.  The only catch is Josh will only post your video if it illustrates a new series of moves that have not yet been indexed on  This site is awesome and I watched it with my wife for over an hour on our first visit.  Check it out. You can check out or go to Acropedia on facebook.  Josh Young is also on facebook.  Trio Mind Body Spirit Studio is also on facebook or you can visit the studio in person at 2328 NE Ave, Miami, FL 33137.  Call Ari at the studio (786) 597-1755. Namaste…

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