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Acupuncture and Yoga

December 19, 2011

[caption id="attachment_423" align="aligncenter" width="113" caption="It feels Right"][/caption] Good after noon.  I see the light in you.  Namaste Acupuncture is amazing and a great compliment to a yoga practice.  The date is 2011/12/19 and i just came from my first experience with Acupuncture with James Rohr in South Beach, Fl. .  First thing this morning I practiced Vinyasa Yoga then I headed over to Rohr Acupuncture for the treatment.  I feel great!  I look at yoga as medicine, as a form of healing through self awareness.  I have several sports related injuries that have plagued  me with pain for years.  This is how I came to be so dedicated to a daily yoga practice.  I found that Yoga gave me the tools to look inward and confront the pain leading to significant relief from suffering.  Although the yoga practice has become very deep, and I have earned substantial self awareness of Mind Body interaction some muscles still remain stubborn, only letting go after holding yoga posses for very long periods of time.  James Rohr was able to locate the nerve meridians very efficiently, and through the acupuncture I became acutely aware of the muscle tension letting go. Rohr Acupuncture has been highly recommended to me for some time and now i know why.  One of my most stubborn muscles, the right periformis, has been clinging do to an old injury.  James placed a few delicate needles around the lower back and periformis and after a short time the muscle relaxed and I felt great relief.  During the treatment i spoke a bit with James Rohr and I found him to be a very interesting individual.  His beliefs in healing are completely in line with what we study in Yoga.  The proof is in the healing.  It really works well.  I plan on making visits to Rohr Acupuncture once a month as part of my normal wellness lifestyle.  I can not really describe in words how I feel.  Acupuncture is something that everyone should experience first hand.  I do not think that Acupuncture should be an alternative to other forms of healing but that it should be a first option.  Before trusting in pills and surgeries and other options that may lead to more heal imbalances you should try Acupuncture.  If this does nothing for you then explore more radical therapy like surgery.  Acupuncture seems to me like the tuning of an instrument and I visualize the nerves to be like the strings of a guitar.  Sometimes the body is out of tune or harmony and all it takes is a little tuning of the nerves. Namaste....

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