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All You Can Yoga in Israel

January 02, 2013

It is a mix...of people and emotions, I realized as I arrived in Israel. A sense of connection and spirituality within and with others, a sense of Union. It may not be coincidence but Yoga means to yolk (Union). Feelings arise. Past voices that once asked me the relationship of Yoga &religion wake up and shout in my head. Am I bringing a religion to another religion? Mmm I don't think so. Yoga is a lifestyle, which might be followed by some religions more than others. Yoga teaches us to find, create and transmit Peace. Yoga opens that door we were afraid to open and allows Love to flow freely. Yoga detoxifies mind, body and that which cannot be seen (however you prefer to call it: energy, energetic body, soul). Yoga trains a warrior on the mat to overcome any obstacle in life using your own resources. Yoga makes us realize we are complete and perfect as we are. Yoga reminds us to say Thank You. So Yes, Yoga is a lifestyle and I can't wait to share my part with this side of the world, where feelings like Peace, Union and Love vibrate higher. We Are One, Namaste* Alexandra Knafo

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