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All You Can Yoga with Vanessa

December 21, 2012

Yesterday was our first official practice. 

Since we left home, we haven't been able to do much more than a few poses here and there.


Finally, we took over our hotel's deck and landed our mats as if we owned the place.


We started by breathing deeply and holding a weird-just-invented plank pose to stretch the top of our feet (we've been walking - site seeing Bangkok all day-everyday - thank gd for our daily Thai Massage!).


We moved very slowly through our practice and suddenly we were immersed in the yoga high, realizing that we don't need to bring the yoga with us... it IS us already.


We are here in Bangkok, 9707 miles away; yet we can find home just like that!


More to come by The Normalites was our Savasana song (randomly selected by my iPhone - perfect timing)

Look for it on my Spotify Playlist: Mystical Filter, 5th Chakra







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