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Another Day in the life of the Slacroduo®

September 16, 2014

Acro yogisLast night we taught another successfully fun  Acroyoga class at TrioYoga to go down in the books.  We keep having new faces in the class and that is what makes teaching AcroYoga so fun; meeting new people, sharing our passion with strangers who then become friends.  Our focus was the thigh stand. Can you imagine standing on another person to be so fun and liberating? A lot of Acroyoga involves L basing which is the case when the base is lying on their back and the flier on the feet. It was great to get the bases off their back and on their feet as the fliers standing support. The fliers learned to transition from standing on the base to hand standing on their thighs! Just standing on the ground can get so boring this is why we enlist the help of our friends to turn the mundane into the insane! Remember that yoga is not just about posing.  Yoga is in our accumulated conscious choices adding up to manifest the world we choose :)

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