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Asana in Nicaragua

November 19, 2011

[caption id="attachment_357" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="View from bedroom"][/caption]   We just got back from Nicaragua, and it is the perfect place for a yoga retreat.  Nicaragua is peaceful and very quite.  She has not been spoiled by the ravages of capitalism.  Cattle ranches, farms, and horses mold the culture of this flashback to an earlier, more innocent time.  Nicaragua has the smallest population in Central America with the largest landmass, and the lowest crime rate in the entire Americas.  The virgin beaches offer amazing views of the Pacific and at night the sky is free from light pollution, the milky way displayed before the eyes.  The people will steal your heart and earn your respect through their unparalleled humility.  They live off the richness of the volcanic soil and the bounty of the sea.  We are able to connect with our inner stillness when our environment sets the stage so perfectly. We have been visiting Nicaragua and our friends who live there for the past 6 years.  This last trip was planned to make arrangements for our guests that will be joining us in March for the YOGiiZA yoga/surf retreat.  The all inclusive trip is designed for a truly authentic experience, where our guests are guided on a journey of renewal and discovery.  The place and the people have left a distinguished impression upon our souls and we are happy to be sharing with others. Early on the first morning we awoke to the sound of surf breaking on the reef below our cliffside villa.  Barely lifting my head from the pillow, I could see past the infinity pool towards the perfect Lefts pealing off the private point break below. The wind is always offshore in Nicaragua and this morning was no exception.  The sun was just coming up as we sipped local coffee on the porch outside our bedroom watching the swells roll in from the horizon.  After coffee my wife Dawn and I offered sun salutations.  Dawn continued with an entire vinyasa sequence while I put on my board shorts and waxed up my surf board. I surfed with 3 friends who were visiting from California for about one and a half hours and when I got out of the water Dawn was still practicing yoga. By the time Dawn finished savasana Leyvis and Gloria, our housekeepers, had a typical Nicaraguan breakfast prepared: eggs, rice, beans, tortillas, and a salad.  After breakfast we sat and watched the surf roll in some more.  Later we went for a walk on the beach and spent some time laughing and watching a multitude of life forms on the reef and  pink sand. Dawn read a great deal of the Yoga sutras while I meditated for a time.  We made arrangements for Dawn to have a manicure and a pedicure for the next day.  The girls prepared Shrimp, rice, beans, plantains, and salad for a late lunch.  I remember taking a nap and when I woke up we went over to the club house for dinner.  Over the years we have made friends with most of the people who work at the club house so it was great to see everyone.   We had fresh fish and an Organic salad grown in the property's own sustainable organic garden.  We could not resist the warm bread pudding with ice cream for dessert.  This was the only mistake in an otherwise perfect day.  Awesome going down but totally not necessary. The next day I went to visit some people and tour some other beach side homes for our March retreat but not until after yoga, surfing and breakfast.  In the afternoon I took some pictures of Dawn while Carmen and Milady, the spa girls, polished and painted her fingers and toes.  Pictures can not do justice to her experience.  She had one of the girls on either hand, her feet soaking, while admiring the scene form the outdoor living room over hanging the Pacific. We spent 7 days and have planned a true getaway in Central America's most peaceful country.  Horseback riding through the forest to a secluded beach destination is included but optional.  Fishing tours, Beach fires, In room Massage, Meals, Surf Lessons, Transportation, and of course yoga are among other amenities included with the trip we have planned for March of this year.  We also have plans for another Yoga retreat in Nicaragua for November 2012. We have fallen in love with Nicaragua and are so excited to share with others what we have found. Namaste...

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