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Awaken to Responsibility

October 11, 2011

Good afternoon yogis, Namaste.  I see myself in you.  When you awaken you step onto the battlefield of the Kings and Queens.  When you train awareness, sharpening the sword of the body, you start to see that there is a war raging.  We live in a time when we can no longer afford to ignore the abuses that are being done to Mother Earth.  When the desires of the body are witnessed by the yoga practitioner the yogi can begin to see how the desires of this body have lead to the raping of the planet.  There are powers in this world who have it in their best interests to keep the population confused, distracted, and full of animal desires.  When the discipline of yoga takes hold and you start to awaken you see this very clearly.  The first reaction may be anger, but when examined further you realize that this state of delusion is no ones fault but your own.  Forgive yourself but do not sit back idle and let your fellow brothers and sisters wallow in an enslaved existence.  The Bhagavad-Gita is clear in its message as a call to arms.  As an aware Prince or Princess it is your duty to fight!  Ask yourself who is the enemy?  You do not have to look hard to realize that the petroleum industry has completely taken over and dominated the Earth at the expense of all that is sacred, clean, and holy.  The Earth itself has moved from our Sacred Mother that is to be protected, cultivated, and loved to an object that is used, exploited, and dominated.  The war is between the petroleum industry and our sacred Mother Earth. Now that we have identified the war we must ask where is the battle being fought?  Where is the battlefield?  I am not asking you to give up the great vow or Yama of non-violence.  There are many ways to fight the good fight without reacting in violence towards our fellow brothers and sisters.  After all, you can not fault them for falling into the same delusion that you have just awakened from.  You need to look no further than your own mind and body to find the battlefield.  The idea of "Enlightenment" is misleading.  Yoga must be practiced diligently with great vigilance towards not slipping back into a state of delusion filled with desires.  Everyday we must look inward and witness how our own minds are being swayed in different directions.  One of the first steps you can take to win back control of your own mind is "TURN OFF THE TV".  Take it a step further and cancel the Cable or satellite.  Not only will this protect the MindBody but it will save you considerable amounts of money.  Don't worry you will still be in touch with society.  It is all around you.  A second thing you can do to stay aware of fighting on the side of the Earth is pay attention to what you are purchasing.  The aware yogi understands that the universe is a reflection of the self.  If I continue to purchase and consume non-organic foods and other products like clothing I can not expect the Earth to be clean of toxic pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemical fertilizers.  And guess where all those toxic chemicals end up?  Not only do they end up in the soil, ground water, rivers, lakes, and oceans but they settle in your own liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, and other parts of the body.  Wake up!  You are being sold poison instead of food and clothing. Now the next bit of truth may really anger you, but please do not kill the messenger.  Remember that we only have ourselves to blame for the choices we make.  I am talking about so called Yoga clothing.  You can not claim to be eco-aware if you are wearing synthetic clothing.  Look inside the label of the clothes you wear for yoga.  If it does not say Organic Cotton, Hemp, or real silk, chances are you are wearing a garment made with toxic chemicals, and yes that includes bamboo.  Bamboo may be a sustainable plant to grow but the process of making it into a soft fabric is loaded with toxic chemicals.  The biggest offender is polyester, and just because they have made up some other name for it and call it high tech does not mean it isn't what it is.  This stuff is made of pure petroleum based chemicals, and guess what, oil and water do not mix.  No matter what they claim these fake fabrics can not wick moisture.  They actually smother the skin preventing it from breathing.  Thats right yoga teachers if you are wearing this stuff while you are preaching to your students to breath you are not practicing what you preach.  The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It must be allowed to breath.  It gets even better.  Because these fibers do not pass moisture or breath they create an ideal atmosphere for fungus and bacteria to thrive leading to body odor, itchy rashes, and other hygiene problems.  So what do the peddlers of these toxic garments do to stop infections?  They add even greater toxins to the garment.  Silver Nano-particles are great at killing microbes but they are also good at killing people.  If you don't believe me look it up in Wikipedia.  These tiny heavy metal particles do not occur in nature.  They are designed in a lab and are so small that they penetrate into the very essence of our physical body, the cell nucleus where our DNA is.  Don't F@#k with your DNA people.  So I think when they call these garments "High Tech" it is this Silver Nano particle poison they are referring to.  As for Performance; i do not see how smothering the body and elevating the temperature by 5-10 degrees can help with any sport.  It should be called Toxic Itchy Cheap Crap not High Tech athletic wear.  By the way the industry pushes this stuff so hard because they do not have to deal with any farmers or the cultivation of the earth in any way.  Guys in white lab coats squeeze it out of plastic tubes.  In other words it is very cheap to make and can be made on demand. Choose Natural, Choose Organic , Choose the EArth. Namaste.

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