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Awaken to the Power of your Purchase

November 04, 2011

Awaken to the Responsibility of your purchase.  Look at the picture above.  The pelican is covered in oil.  This oil is less toxic to the environment than a processed form called polyester.  Polyester is made form highly toxic monomers isolated from raw petroleum. Because polyester is made from oil it is highly flammable so it is treated with toxic fire retardants.  Since oil and water repel each other sweat can not absorb into the fabric and pass through to the air, it does not breath.  Unless somehow these mad scientists have figured out a way to turn physics upside down these garments do not wick moisture no matter what the label says.  Because garments made from petroleum do not breath they create a haven in which bacteria and fungus thrive.  This is because most of these microbes are anaerobic, meaning they do not breath Oxygen, enabling them to thrive in oxygen starved environments.  So in order to counter the problem of infection, caused by the non-breathing garments, the "high tech" scientist add things like Silver Nan0-particles into the fibers.  Look up Nano Particles in Wikipedia and read some of the warnings about this stuff.  In short nano particles, which do not occur in nature, are so small that they pass through your skin into your blood and travel all through the body.  They don't stop there because they are so small they pass through cell walls and continue through the walls of the cell nucleus, making direct contact with the DNA.  Heavy metals are not the kind of thing you want in your body, especially if they are nano-size.  There are direct links to cancers from nano particles.  Now we get to the non eco-friendly dies used to color the petroleum based fibers.  These are toxic.  Most dies are not eco-frienldy but the ones needed to stain non-absorbing oil based fibers are the biggest offenders.  If you don't like the pelican covered in oil Why would you cover your own body in something that is not only toxic for yourself but responsible for pollution on a massive scale.  The good news is that we have choices of what we wear, and some choices make all the difference. Cotton is good for your skin because it breaths.  It is naturally anti-microbial, granted you change your clothes after exercise. It wicks moisture very effectively.  It is not made from oil so it is not good fuel for fire, requiring no toxic fire-retardants.  Because it breaths the skin stays satvic and enriched with fresh prana making silver nano particles unnecessary.  Cotton absorbs dies very well and many eco-friendly natural dies are available.  There is an environmental issue with cotton also.  Large scale industrial cotton production is a very chemical intensive farming culture.  25% of all the worlds chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used for cotton production.  Thank God for Organic farmers and Global Organic Textile Standards.  When cotton is grown with Organic techniques the earth is cultivated rather than conquered.  Organic cotton farmers use no chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Organic farmers may use Geese to eat insects or friendly bugs like ladybugs to balance out the ecosystem of their fields.  This is great because the Earth's water stays clean and free of poisons.  When you sweat the moisture causes trace amounts of toxins used in the production of a fabric, weather it is polyester or industrial cotton, to leach out and come in contact with the your skin.  With Organic cotton you stay satvic, clean, and Eco-Fresh, free from toxins. We all have been victims of consumerism so don't punish yourself or friends over the purchases we have made in the past.  When you do become informed and start to awaken to a higher awareness you must take action.  It is very easy to act by simply rising to the responsibility of your everyday purchases.  Choose Natural, Choose Organic, and please buy YOGiiZA, "Organic clothing for Organic people"™ Namaste....  

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