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Awaken your Inner Athlete With Cat Haayen

August 07, 2012

Sunday August 12th


 The YOGathletA® method is designed to therapeutically purify the entire body, creating a glowing and radiant form inside and out through the process known as Vinyasa Chikitsa or (breath-­‐motion therapy). In this 3 hour transformational immersion with Cat Haayen you will learn to build heat intelligently inside and out, from your core to the outermost sheath of your skin. Cat blends her wealth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and sport injury prevention to create a unique, vigorous-­‐yet-­‐sumptuous approach based on the Power Vinyasa system -­‐with a few refinements to fit into the western class dynamics. Harmonizing breath and action, you will safely clear obstacles to your physical freedom and awaken your inner athlete!


305 Yoga Coppertone Bldg

7300 Biscayne Blvd. #400

305.917.5886 7300

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