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Back to Back Bay Yoga Studio w/ Lindsay Goodman

May 15, 2014

screen568x568 I had such a great time in Back Bay, that I decided to return and try another class. This class was titled Vinyassa with Deep Relaxation, and I was immediately intrigued, and hoped it would bring me the yin and the yang I was seeking! We started the class in supta baddha konasana, and for those of you who don't speak sanskrit, I'll translate. We used bolsters, blocks and a strap to prop ourselves up lying against a bolster in lying on the floor, bound angle pose. It is a deeply restorative position that allows you to completely relax and better connect to your breath. Lindsay guided us through a meditation and it was bliss. After this asana, I didn't feel like moving, however Lindsay convinced us to flow and hold poses in a slow-flow type of vinyassa class. It was a beautiful class, both challenging and meditative, the yin and the yang I was looking for ; ) To view Lindsay's schedule, follow this link: For 10% off YOGiiZA Organic Clothing, type in promo code yogiarielle at checkout at See you next time! <3 yogiarielle  

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