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Back to Nature

April 09, 2014

Back to Nature It’s fascinating to know that 42 years ago Earth Day —with its meaning now evolved to Earth Month — was established to create appreciation, awareness and discussion around our marvelous, yet increasingly fragile planet. Yet we wonder, why should we designate a mere month or day to have a dialogue about the environment or practice consciousness? Earth month is really about going back to nature—to our human essence—and becoming aware that the choices we make manifest into the world we choose. In this light, the heart of  YOGiiZA’s Organic mission, brand, products and people beats at the rhythm of conscious choices we can make every single day. This vision starts by propagating the positive impact that wearing organic and natural fabrics can have on your health and the health of Mother Earth. With good reason, cotton is known as the “fabric of our lives.” Lets truly honor it as such by continuing to collectively advance the use of organic cotton. Back to Nature

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