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Big Breath Vinyasa Yoga, Music + Healing w/ Yogi Mark Oliver and Fabian Hernandez

August 16, 2012

h2-OM Presents....


Big Breath Vinyasa Yoga, Music + Healing w/Mark Oliver and Fabian Hernandez

June 15, 2012


Enjoy a challenging vinyasa sequence with skilled attention toward unifying the Mind with the Breath and Bones. Yogi Mark reminds us to spread the mind’s awareness throughout the entire field of the body while Fabian’s silky melodies and acoustic guitar soothe the soul.

The voice, the guitar, the yoga, and the didgeridoo relax the body, opening it up to receive the blessing of Reiki healing. Bring an open mind and open heart for a true yoga community  experience at The Standard Spa with yogi Mark Oliver and gifted musician and healer Fabian Hernandez.

$30 includes indoor baths.

Standard Hotel

40 Island Avenue

Miami Beach, FL   33139

(305) 673-1717

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