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Breathe in Bangkok

December 21, 2012


December 20, 1012

Yesterday when I arrived in Bangkok, I went straight to Vanessa and Shannas room, plonked on the bed and closed my eyes for a whole 10 minutes. We were suddenly awoken by the children in the school across the street chanting the names of Santas reindeer while obviously learning about Christmas and how to speak English. We stepped out on the balcony to admire the 7 story tall, dirty white school house that rests on the bank of one of the canals that flows from the Mekong only to see a huge crocodile float by.


Since that moment it has been a series of crowded Khao San road, foot massages, temples, palaces, Tuk Tuks, pad Thai and what seems like non stop walking. It's a non stop visual explosion... And then we broke out or yoga mats. 5 floors below the balcony I first stood on, we proudly placed our 'all you can yoga' flag out for all to see, rolled out or mats, a s suddenly the deck we were on felt like it was home.


Close eyes. Inhale deeply ... breath in, breath out. Smells like fish... Mmmm. Down dog... Amazing. It felt like the first down dog I did all year. My body ached for it and my mind craved it.


When my yoga journey began, a couple of months ago, I never dreamed I would be feeling the yoga high in Thailand. To be able to breath and bend with my friends really transformed me back to home, back to my center, back to me.





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