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Budokon with Kancho Cameron Shayne

October 21, 2011

[caption id="attachment_161" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Kancho Cameron Shayne"][/caption] Budokon, the way of the peaceful warrior, can be described in one word, AWESOME!  If I were to use two words to describe Budokon, TOTALLY AWESOME!  We were very blessed to have Kancho Cameron Shayne, the creator of Budokon, fulfill his Karma Yoga with us at YOGiiZA HQ this past Wednesday night.  Cameron describes Budokon as not Yoga or Martial arts but something new and exciting called Budakon.  It is a masterful fusion born from a man who has dedicated his life to studying both Martial Arts and Yoga.  It is the science of studying physiology and body mechanics elevated to a high art form through graceful coordinated movements.  Great emphasis is placed on total body awareness as the practitioner transitions through a very fluid sequence of postures.  Many of the movements and variations on traditional yoga poses borrow from traditional forms of martial arts.  It is clear in Bhagavad Gita that this yoga has its deep roots in the way of the warrior.  Krishna is giving instruction and inspiration to the young warrior prince Arjuna. The instruction, called Yoga, is designed to keep the warrior or prince very aware and vigilant always ready to do his duty without hesitation.  It is an irony and a paradox that studying the way of the warrior ultimately brings one to peace.  Yoga has evolved way beyond its roots without loosing its foundation to become a submission of one's self rather than the submission of others.  This is because a complete introspective investigation of the MindBody reveals that the true enemy is in the mind.  When the mind is stilled all illusion and imaginations of violence and enemies are exposed for what they are, pure delusion.  When one is peaceful in mind and action one radiates peace and receives peace from the world in return.  If one's mind and actions are filled with violence then that person inevitably finds violence in the world.  One may argue that there is violence in the world, that violence is real, and not an imagination.  This is true, but that violence has at its roots fearful imaginings of those who propagate the violence.  If all people practiced the stilling of the mindbody, which is Yoga, then violence would cease.  I understand that this is a utopian idea and do not imagine this will come to pass, but I can diligently work to calm this Mindbody and free myself from illusions and desires for violence. Now it is all well and good to talk and philosophize but we must practice stilling the mind and to do this we must go through the body.  Budokon is the forge that tempers and molds the Mindbody to be the perfect sword or instrument of the warrior prince and princess.  Cameron Shayne believes that in order to bring the Mind to peace it must first believe that it is secure and not feel threatened.  This is why he trains yogis in martial arts.  Cameron is staying true to the roots of yoga as a way to keep the practitioner vigilant and aware so if or when a crisis occurs he or she does not hesitate to perform. To find out more about Budokon go to  or check out "Kancho Cameron Shayne" on Facebook.  Cameron travels the world teaching yoga teachers how to expand their practice and teaching through Budokon.  We have regular Budokon classes here in South Beach, Miami at The Standard Hotel and Spa every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  You can also call us at YOGiiZA (305-397-8930) to find out where else you can study Budokon.  Budokon is quickly gaining popularity in cities all across the U.S. and the World. Namaste......

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