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January 02, 2013

I've learned in my yoga classes, that the way we travel from one pose to another is parallel to the way we move through challenges in our lives. It is true, there are many challenges I have faced this year that have led me to where I am right now. Everything happens for a reason. It's true! Sometimes when faced with challenges, we don't see the reason behind them until we have moved onto the next chapter of our lives and are then grateful for those past challenges. Within my first week of traveling to Thailand, I have been faced with the unfortunate dilemma of camera malfunction. I won't go into detail for fear of bringing back my emotions over the situation, but I will say I have been faced with a challenge. The night of the incident, I found myself on the same deck, on the same river, flowing with Vanessa. The day had honestly been quite taxing (mostly emotionally since my camera is somewhat an extension of myself) and I decided that this practice was going to be my band aid. Set an intention for the practice... To move through challenges gracefully and with courage... That was my intention. As I moved through each pose, thoughts of my poor camera flowed in and out of my mind. By the end, once in Savasana, as tears rolled down my cheek, I came to a place of acceptance for the challenge I had been given that day. I could whine about it for the remainder if my Thailand experience or I could, for once, set my camera down and actually see what is around me without always having to get that shot. Thank you yoga, without you, I may not have found the clarity and positivity in the situation. Marisa

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