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The 6 C's of a Great Yoga Teacher

November 21, 2014

yogi-edit-31The 6 C's of a Great Yoga Teacher. - Written by your worst Student! Art CREATE ... an atmosphere that will support Your process and flow, conducive to your students’ enhanced awareness of their breathing. Dimming the lights, if you choose, without obscuring the ability of students to see one another and not alter symphonic pace of movement. Your instructions should be clear and audible, yet soothing. Play music, making sure its not distracting nor conflicting with verbal instructions while students are listening to them. CONNECT... with your students; be present with everyone in the class. Identify their needs, remembering names and pains, and some important facts of their lives. Pay attention to them before, during and after the class. Don't expect perfection; stimulate improvement. CONJURE... an Experience for your Students! Nobody really cares how GOOD you may be in your personal practice. You're really not there to show how you can touch the back of you head with your big toe, or to hear about the leaves you chewed in Machu Picchu. Are the chants you learned in Tibet really relevant? Will they be impressed by the 6,788 Hours of training you have with the 104 year old YOGI in Punjab? The class should not be a platform for your own Vanity. It's more about bringing the essence of your experiences and wisdom to life, with your students and allow to find their way through each pose.   CARE ... feel free to "touch" the students. Many are disturbed, tired, anguished and worn by daily life. Help them get in touch with themselves for a short period, through clarity , stability, and peace. Reassure them that It's OK To let deep inner emotions surface and vent! Allow them go home to the strifes and struggles of daily life with some reborn inner peace and serenity. CONDUCT... The best yoga class you are able to. Be that teacher that guides the process; that at the end of the class everyone will be more aware, more centered. Your responsibility as teacher is to use your skills to make these practices more effective for your students. "The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." CELEBRATE... the end of a beautiful experience. Invite to share once again and make sure everyone achieved something positive in your special class! When some of those things come together; magic happens!! I reach out to the sky With desires and needs I talk to the wind It doesn't hear I speak out to the souls No one listens, yet they know I'm here my body yearns, grieves and hurts endless pain, with no one near My heart soothes and calms If I can meditate And learn how to Heal Written by: YOGiiZA Poet Laureate, Arturo Rojas

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