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Day 1: Reflections of a Yogi - One Week Shift from Ashtanga Mysore Practice to a Pot Luck of Yoga

May 05, 2013

Day One: Sunday 4/28 - Yoga at the Flamingo Fitness Center

Flamingo Fitness CenterThis week for some reason or another I deviated from my normal Ashtanga Mysore practice. Perhaps it was because my normal teacher was away.  Instead of riding my bike over to Miami Life Center in Miami Beach for Daylene's Full Primary class I decided to try a new teacher at the Flamingo Fitness Center where we live. The teacher, Shylo Negron is from Brookyn and has an impression fitness background. This small class was set on the pristine 8th floor balcony of the Flamingo Fitness Center overlooking Biscayne Bay. The class was not your normal yoga class; there was no om, no traditional sun salutations and no Vinyasa. We went through a few yogic poses that were more like bootcamp drills. Shylo's intention was to strength the body for yoga practice, and I certainly did. I reminded myself to keep an opened mind with no judgments and figured this is what I must have needed. Keeping this perceptive is what yoga has taught me and it really works. Aside from slightly over working my wrists I enjoy this short strength training core work out. I stayed after class to practice a little yoga solo on the bay front balcony. The beautiful part about my normal Sunday morning Ashtanga practice is that the sequence works you really hard, heats up your body while allowing time for stretch and surrender. This is what I missed most about practice this morning but at the same time am thankful for a new opportunity and new perceptive. Shylo Negron_Flamingo

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