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Day 2: Reflections of a Yogi - One Week Shift from Ashtanga Mysore Practice to a Pot Luck of Yoga

May 05, 2013

Day 2: Monday 4/29 - Yoga with Julia Albertson

Mark and I were at Miami Life Center for a meeting with Julia Albertson as we are selling our organic yoga clothes there now. She mentioned that she was subbing Dawn B's class at 5:30pm. We decided this was a great opportunity to take Julia's class and I figured I could continue for the remainder of the week with a different teacher each day.

Julia AlbertsonJulia's class was fun, challenging and vibrant paired along with a great play list of music. This Vinyasa flow was exactly what my body was calling for. I sweat, jumped, stretched, moaned, omed and laughed. She pushes you hard enough but also allows a few important moments of surrender. Thanks Julia for a super cool Vinyasa Flow. We had a great practice and enjoyed the lasting blissful effects into the night. Julia was also wearing the coolest Yoga Leggings... her new YOGiiZA Organic Cotton Stealth Black Skinny Leggings! :-)  ~Dawn


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