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Day 3: Reflections of a Yogi - One Week Shift from Ashtanga Mysore Practice to a Pot Luck of Yoga

May 05, 2013

Tuesday 4/30 - Yoga Dance with Colleen

Colleen Farnum 2It was a Rainy Day in Miami. I was planning on checking out a new studio down south, either Bala Vinyasa or Corpo Yoga depending on when I finished a meeting at the Viceroy Hotel. I naturally leaned towards Corpo since this is another Ashtanga inspired studio. It turned out my meeting ran over both of those classes. I headed home in the rain. Despite the positive meeting, the weather took a toll on my energy level. After finishing a few important business priorities and canceling my paddleboard yoga class due to the lousy weather, my sister called saying she was going to Miami Life Center for Yoga Dance with Colleen Farnum. This would be my sisters first time to Miami Life Center and seeing as this is my normal stomping ground I figured I should go with her. Plus Yoga Dance would be another new class for me! I have known Colleen for a while and always admired her practice. Yoga Dance was Fun! We gracefully rolled around the floor, practiced lifts, incorporating dance movements with a yogic twist, and even learned a short choreographed modern dance sequence. We had a great time! I couldn't believe what a work out it was! Yoga Dance is a creative journey that unites yogic principles with beautiful fluid movement of modern dance. Thank you Colleen Farnum for introducing us to Yoga Dance and helping to lift my energy on this rainy Tuesday. 

  Click here for a short funny video from our Yoga Dance  

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