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Day 4: Reflections of a Yogi - Karma Yoga with Lori Zito

May 07, 2013

Wednesday 5/1

Day 4 of taking a different teacher every day. So yesterday, on Day 3 I  forgot to mention that I twisted my ankle leaving Yoga Dance. It was one of those clumsy moments walking down the street. I hobbled all the way home and felt it even more in the morning. Due to this unexpected injury I decided to stay out of the yoga studio in the morning. Wednesdays are Karma Yoga at YOGiiZA and this week we were excited to learn from Lori Zito, who is partner of Choices Café. I knew I needed to listen to my body and take it easy during class. It was the perfect speed for me. I had to modify the Vinyasas replacing up dog with a baby cobra so that I did not add additional stress on to my ankle. Lori’s class was just what I needed, to stretch but not overwork the sore ankle. I felt much better as the night continued. Thank you Lori for sharing your practice with us at Karma Yoga and helping me heal.  ~Dawn

By the Way, If you have not yet been to Choice Cafe, check it out! Choices Cafe is an Organic Vegan restaurant that we love. The have a pretty full menu with lots of creative options and yummy desserts. Lori bought us some raw vegan gluten free wraps, which were my favorite. Choices Cafe is located in 379 SW 15th Road near Coral Way and 95


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