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First Time at Naam Yoga Miami with Eugene

April 25, 2013

Eugene PachaMama1First off great parking! Found a spot right in front of the studio. Eugene, Owner of Naam Yoga Miami, is so chill and admired by his fellow yogis & I was excited to check out his wonderful studio. Obviously this style works, just look at how great of shape he's in. I would say we definitely worked our cores, in fact my abs were really sore. I've realized that shaking your legs and arms being told to "boogie" can really hurt, in a good way. We did lots of breathing techniques which actually made me sort of dizzy but Eugene warned us about that. I had a great conversation with Eugene after class. We discussed Kabbalah and how the practice of Naam Yoga goes hand in hand with the religion. I was also informed that a Naam practice is a great compliment to a more traditional practice such as Ashtanga. When I arrived home from class I was feeling bright and smiley. I can't say whether it was the techniques or simply Eugene's presence that put me in such a great mood, either way I'm thankful. I even bought my future mother-in-law a few classes at Naam Yoga Miami. More specifically I signed her up for Naam Neighbors, which means $10 classes, along with other benefits for locals! She was very interested in Naam after Eugene taught a Karma Yoga class she attended at YOGiiZA. Needless to say she was very happy.

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