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Gentle Therapeutics Yoga

December 12, 2012


When I woke from bed Monday morning I was feeling great except for some pain in my lower back.  I knew that yoga was the answer, but not just any yoga.  When I Googled yoga schedules in the Miami area most of what I found was power yoga and other vinyasa-based classes.  My back was telling me that updog-downdog was not the answer this morning.  That is when I noticed “Gentle Therapeutics” at Miami Life Center with yogi Allaine Stricklen.  I went to the class, and I definitely made the correct choice.

I usually practice a lot of vinyasa yoga, but I understand that the body also appreciates Gentle Therapeutic Yoga.  Yogi Allaine has practiced and taught yoga for a lifetime.  She understands that yoga is designed to heal.  Her class on Monday was a true relief from the stresses of life outside the yoga studio.  The use of yoga props like blocks, blankets, and straps are traditional to the practice and yogi Allaine takes full advantage of the benefits they provide.  We even used props while in seated position and they really helped to take the load off and lay my burden down.  We used chairs to help with balance and alignment.  The entire class was precise with a sequence designed to target the lower back.  It was as good as being in India studying with Iyengar himself.  After class both yogi Allaine and many of her faithful students introduced themselves to me, making me feel at home.  All of the students had stories of past injuries that they claimed have been healed by Allaine Sticklen.  I walked out of Miami Life Center feeling pain free, balanced, and refreshed.

Thank you yogi Allaine, Wahe Guru.

Yogi Allaine Stricklen teaches, “Gentle Therapeutics Yoga” at Miami Life Center Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:15pm.  Miami Life Center is located at 736 6th St., Miami Beach, FL (305) 534-8988

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