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Having Trouble Breaking Habits That No Longer Serve You or Others?

July 07, 2014

We all have some lurking habit that annoys even ourselves, preventing us from unifying ourselves within.  While many of us know why we developed this habit, many of us are challenged to break the cycle when a trigger source comes into play. Why is it so hard to break a habit we desire to be free of but cannot?  Because, when habits are created, so are neural pathways in the brain.  What ‘wires together, fires together’, with its opposite true as well.  So in order for you to start 're-wiring' brain, body and mind, several key things to keep in mind as you practice yoga off your mat:
  1. Set a minimum of 30 days to work on said habit/belief at least twice a day.  To wire up new neural pathways and break old ones at least 30 days, or approximately 70 times, of repetitive concentrated effort is necessary.
  2.  Keep yourself focused on only one or two habits or behaviors that you’d like to eradicate.  Write it/them down on a piece of paper, then write down the opposite of each habit or behavior you’d like to create a new neural pathway for.
  3. Before and after yoga or meditation, set the intention of the new habit you want to instill when the brain is relaxed and able to receive.  Setting smaller intentions to start with aid in creating a larger change over time.
  4. When in a relaxed state, after yoga, meditation or otherwise, visualize the new habit or belief you’d like to replace the old one with.  Observe and feel how you and your life would be if that new habit or belief were a part of your existence. Continue feeling that energy for about 60 seconds in the body.   The more you imprint with emotion each new habit, and its rewards, the greater the chance of imprinting the brain with it as well..
It may take some time to create a new neural pathway, but it can be done utilizing the yogic principles of tapas, or discipline and effort, and of course, practice! If you’d like more information, or to schedule a personal coaching session related to a specific habit/belief, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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