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Hot Yoga is HOT! Wear your hot shorts : )

August 20, 2014

Hot Yoga OutfitBoy is it hot outside in Miami this summer! I have always been a teensy bid afraid of hot yoga classes. eek! However, this summer it has been so hot that I have just learned to embrace it 100%. I show up to Hot Yoga in my itty bitty YOGiiZA hot shorts and a matching vinyasa sports bra, to help me practice my ujayi, victorious breath during class! I wear my outfit everywhere from the studio to the grocery store!

For some reason, it feels like the summer of backbends. Because our bodies are already warmed up before entering a yoga studio during these hot times, our bodies are a little looser and more flexible to start out! This allows us to really focus on poses that are generally difficult for many yoga practitioners such as urdvha danurasana, wheel pose, as well as camel pose. I also highly suggest indulging in restorative postures this summer such as supta baddha konasana, supported with a bolster and strap. We tend to burn so many calories just by being outside in the heat, that you may need to rejuvenate yourself with some juicy, yummy gentle yoga, so you don't pass out in class!

I've also been very active this summer balancing ocean and pool time with yoga and I've really been meaning to get out on a paddleboard! Why not try paddleboard yoga this summer? It's a great way to be outdoors and still get your practice on.

Be sure to get away for Labor Day weekend and take advantage of the great outdoors before getting into the rhythm and routine of the school year!

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Yogi Arielle

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