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Invest or Divest: building a better future

March 19, 2014

Poster 1-1

Studying at Northeastern University here in Boston for the past two months now I have become interested in the divestment club. Divest Northeastern University is dedicated to the preservation of the environment, sustainable living, carbon neutrality, and advocacy of green legislation. I took part in one of their campaigns by posing for photographer Ryan Cullen in the campaign focused on divesting away from fossil fuels. The club focuses on concepts I support, and I am glad to have been a part of a campaign that will hopefully further their achievements in accomplishing these goals. Dedicate yourself to something you support in everything you do--at work, in school, and in your personal life. I admire Mark and Dawn for incorporating this concept into YOGiiZA by always supporting causes they believe in and doing their part for the community. In return, we can support companies that do their part. Use the promo code belowtheseam to recieve 10% off your next YOGiiZA purchase. xo, Hannah  

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