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Kundalini with Sadhu Serves

October 09, 2011

Saturday mournings 11:15am at Synergy Yoga in South Beach you will find one of the best yoga experiences in Miami.  The Guru is Sadhu Serves and his name is appropriate because he serves up some powerful yoga.  If you have never taken a Kundalini yoga class you should make it a part of your regular yoga routine.  I practice Vinyasa and other forms of Hatha yoga everyday and Kundalini once a week.  Kundalini is at the root of all Raja yoga focused on opening the energy channels or Chakras allowing the feminine creative force to flow from the center of the Earth through the body to the crown of the head and radiate out to the universe.  Guru Sadhu Serves creates a liberating atmosphere and guides the practitioners through Kriya, or techniques designed to rapidly accelerate spiritual development.  Kundalini can be physically demanding leading to the submission of the body and liberation of the true self. Guru Sadhu delivers powerful Kriya and the results are amazing.  He starts the class with the traditional Kundalini mantra of "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" roughly meaning "I humbly call upon the creator and Devine wisdom".  After the opening manta Guru Sadhu then leads a meditation on intention.  He then begins the Kriya exercise and keeps the body moving from one challenging routine to the next until you want to quite and then he has you do 108 sit ups.  Savasana was never a more welcoming yoga pose.  While lying in Corpse pose, the body thoroughly submitted, Sadhu Serves breaks out his didgeridoo and fills the yoga studio with spine vibrating primitive sounds.  The man is truly gifted.  This is a class that everyone must attend at least once.  I am personally making the class part of my weekly Yoga routine.  Thank Sadhu,  Waheguru!

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