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Kundalini Yoga Miami with Guru Sadhu Serves

October 22, 2014

Sadhu and Ram DeshGuru Sadhu Serves is the face of Kundalini Yoga in Miami Beach.  Sadhu and his beautiful wife Ramdesh Kaur recently opened up a warm and welcoming center to celebrate Kundalini Yoga in Miami Beach. The Kundalini Yoga Miami Center is located at 1247 Alton Road in South Beach. It is a very clean and well kept House with a high ceilinged great room that is perfect for practicing yoga. The floors are a beautiful aged hard wood. The bathroom is new and spot less. Sadhu and Ramdesh have created a home like environment where all are welcome. The Yoga couple has put an open invitation out to the community to stop by any time to talk and have some tea. They are always receptive and hospitable and love to talk about yoga philosophy. I had the please of taking a class under the guidance of Sadhu Serves last night. I have always liked Sadhu and his gentle way. He is very knowledgable and at the same time tolerant and understanding. He loves to share his knowledge but is the first to admit that life is a mystery and he does not have all the answers. He is a great teacher of Kriya Yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan, but humbles himself as the forever student. This is the mark of a true teacher. At the center for Kundalini Yoga Miami guru Sadhu Serves and Ramdesh Kaur offer an interesting and refreshing take on yoga classes. They have Kundalini Yoga for Women and Kundalini Yoga for Men. Sadhu explains that by keeping the sexes separate during classes we cultivate a greater polarity making us more energetically charged and attractive. There is definitely a different energy in a room with all men or just women than there is with a mixed sex group. Sadhu explains that regardless of your sexual orientation it is healthy to create a space where men can be men or where women can be women without the subtle and often overt sexual interplay. I recommend that everyone needs to practice some traditional Kundalini Yoga. If your regular yoga practice is Hatha / vinyasa based try stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into the loving atmosphere of Kundalini Yoga Miami at 1247 Alton road Miami Beach, FL 33139. Maybe just stop by anytime of the day to chat and have some tea with some real people living a real yoga lifestyle.  You can find a full class schedule and more information on their website: Remember that Kundalini Yogis recommend wearing White clothing and clothing that is energetically pure. You can find white yoga pants for men and energetically pure natural white shirts for men at  :) Always Organic always YogiFresh™ Sat Nam

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