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Let it snow

January 08, 2014


A change of scenery once again...I find myself settled into my dorm ready to begin my spring semester of college at an entirely new school. This time, in the very cold city of Boston. Goodbye Manhattan. Goodbye Miami. Another first has begun. With change comes adjustment. You have to try and establish your new routine. But you also have to try and incorporate the aspects of your life that you deem important and necessary into your new life. For me, that is finding a park I like that I can take walks in everyday. Finding a yoga studio I enjoy. The simple things like that. With the new year beginning just last week, it is most likely that most of us are going through this similar process as well. Of adjustment, and change. Trying to begin new things in our daily lives that are postive. Whether that be exercising, eating a certain way, or trying to change our outlooks a little bit. It is all so meaningful and important to embrace these new 'ways' that we believe will make us better people, better versions of our self, better beings overall. So go take that yoga class you have been procrastinating to attend. Go purchase a t-shirt from a sustainable line of clothing next time you are need of one. Go spend 20 minutes outside next time you feel like laying in bed. Lets make 2014 a better year than the last. Use the promo code belowtheseam to receive 10% off your next YOGiiZA purchase xo, Hannah

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