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Look Good, Feel Good

March 12, 2014


For a lot of us, you radiate however you are feeling. I find that this is true depending on how you look that day as well... the whole "you look good, you feel good" concept. It is the few extra minutes of effort that we put into our morning that can sometimes change the course of the way we feel that day. Now imagine this concept with a little extra oomph added to it. Dressing in a way that brings you confidence, makes you feel good, and look good...BUT your outfit also has a sense of meaning to it. Maybe the shirt you are wearing is sustainable, eco-friendly, or charitable. The positive energy behind that shirt radiates into the way you will feel and look. In other words, wearing something that has more meaning to it than just its look can bring that confidence and feel good energy we all look to have in our day. Use the promo code belowtheseam to receive 10% off your next YOGiiZA purchase for a "feel good" purchase xo, Hannah

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