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Love & a Movie: Spark: A Burning Man Story

August 30, 2013

keithandavril The event that Love and Vegetables & O Cinema put together for the month of August was one of the best date nights I have been on recently.  This evening is a perfect night out for the vegan or simply the food lover in your life. If you have not been to O Cinema Wynwood do your self a favor & check it out especially if you're into funky indie flicks. Even as we walked up we start to feel that free vibe that Wynwood tends to give off. Intriguing characters were painted about the face of the building & right there posted on the front door was a sign reading "SOLD OUT". I sighed with relief knowing that my boyfriend Brandon had only just purchased the tickets hours ago.  The food was exactly what I have come to expect from Love & Vegetables delicious! I really appreciate their events because they give me the opportunity to go out for dinner & actually be able to consume everything I am offered. For a vegan, this is a big deal. Keith & Avril (when she's is in Miami) are so talented in kitchen & Miami is truely lucky to have them. Their idea behind Love & Vegetables is to provide individuals with healthy food even if all they can offer to pay for their meal is donated time. I love this concept & love supporting it even more when a wonderful vegan meal & a documentary are involved. I must say after seeing Spark I have been reminded that I NEED TO GO TO BURNING MAN, NOW! This flick is playing at O Cinema Wynwood August 29th- September 1st. O Cinema Wynwood 90 NW 29th Street Miami, FL (305) 571-9970 Stay up to date with all things Love & Vegetables by liking their Facebook page.   The next event is Monday September 23rd & will be the 1st Farm Dinner of the season!

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