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Men's Yoga Pants

August 05, 2013

Men’s Yoga Pants

  Mark-YOGiiZA-Pants1-200x300In yoga classes men are usually the minority.  When it comes to making yoga clothes for men most clothing companies neglect the needs of the minority.  There really are not many choices out there for the yoga man.  These days when people think of yoga clothes they first think of LuLu Lemon, but frankly what kind of man really wants to wear a brand called LuLu Lemon?  Real men don’t wear tights and real yogis don’t wear clothes made from plastic.  Yoga men understand that the choices they make manifest the World they choose.  This is why real Yoga clothes are made from conscious materials.  YOGiiZA, Organic clothing for Organic people™ makes Organic Cotton yoga clothing for men.  The YOGiiZA Organic yoga pants for men are very masculine, constructed from durable organic cotton canvas.  Inspired by the traditional martial arts Gi pant the YOGiiZA yoga pant for men is unmistakably made for men.  We love this yoga pant made for men because it has a large crotch design allowing for full range of motion in all yoga postures.  The men’ yoga pant also comes with a utility pocket so you can wear them in the to and from the yoga studio.  The pocket fits an iphone 5, a billfold and keys. Next time you think of buying yoga pants for men think YOGiiZA, Organic clothing for Organic people™.  When you wear YOGiiZA men’s yoga pants you are contributing to a movement towards an enlightened World.  Organic cotton breaths free of chemical pesticides, free of chemical fertilizers, and chemical herbicides.  Yoga men are standing tall leading the way in the fight for Mother Earth and her children.  Men who practice yoga don’t wear plastic pants made by a female athletic company that prays on the unaware.  YOGiiZA is the obvious choice for men seeking yoga clothes that are a true reflection of yoga values.

Namaste ..

Javier1 male_y3680_yogapants_stealthblack_frontwhitepantstree

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