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Old-School Yoga w/ Carlos Dee @ Ayama

October 20, 2014

ayama-yoga-logoYou want to know what yoga classes used to be like? I took a great old-school yoga class with Carlos Dee at Ayama. I came in a little tired and he started with a beautiful meditation which made me completely relax.  During the asana practice, Carlos was very particular and made sure each student was practicing the exact same way--old school!!   This class is the first class I've been to in Miami that has started early. In Miami, I tend to show up ten minutes late to a yoga class and I'm still the first person there. I arrived 10 minutes early to this class, and it had already started.   Ayama has a really welcoming energy and its owner, Mano is a die-hard YOGiiZA supporter! For 10% off YOGiiZA Organic Cotton, type in promo code yogiarielle at checkout. Be sure to spot me at one of Miami's many yoga studios sporting YOGiiZA!

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