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One Yoga Planet

June 18, 2013

Margarida Tree1I love living in South Beach, but sometimes I like to escape the buzz of the big town.  One of my favorite get-a-ways is a short 2 hour drive north to Hutchinson Island.  It is so quiet and there are lots of nature preserves and parks.  One of the best parts of Hutchinson Island is that I do not have to sacrifice my yoga practice.  Ft. Pierce, FL has a great Astanga Yoga studio, “One Yoga Planet”.  5 years ago, when I first moved to Florida, I spent 2 months on Hutchinson Island before settling in South Beach.  For 5 days a week my morning sadhana was to practice yoga for 3 hours, starting at 5:30am.  Every Sunday I would go to “One Yoga Planet” and refine my practice under the guidance of yogi Margarida Tree. This past Sunday I made a return visit to “One Yoga Planet” and yogi Margarida Tree.  It was so nice to be back in such a warm and inviting space.  Margarida is still beautiful and the space is still colorful and filled with dedicated students.  I made some new friends and reacquainted with some old friends, including yogi Margarida Tree.  The only thing I regret is waiting 5 years to return to this amazing teacher of yoga.  Margarida is thriving.  She has opened up a second space adjacent to her studio A, that she calls Studio B.  One Yoga Planet studio B has all the charm of studio A with new hard wood floors. Yogi Margarida Tree is certified by Manju Pattabhi Jois, and Manju makes visits to One Yoga Planet to teach yoga workshops.  Astanga is the regular menu at One Yoga Planet but yogi Margarida has many influences.  Although there are no Kundalini classes listed on the schedule, I can detect a distinct Kundalini yoga influence in Margarida’s teaching.  She incorporates many different prana yama and mantra exercises that you would not find in a traditional Astanga class.  This being said, Mysore and Astanga Secondary series are offered as well as Primary series.  If you are intimidated by Astanga yoga “One Yoga Planet” offers a variety of intro level classes and even Belly Dancing.  I am praying for my wife to take a Belly dance class. Although she did not play guitar and sing this past Sunday I remember Margarida singing and playing the guitar as an added blessing to her classes.  In fact the Guitar was hanging on the wall behind Margarida while she was teaching.  I was secretly hoping she would take the guitar down and play, maybe next time.  Anyway I am so grateful for the guidance of yogi Margarida Tree and I definitely plan on making stops at One Yoga Planet part of my regular routine again.  I will be back in Hutchinson Island over July 4th so maybe you will meet me at One Yoga Planet in Ft. Pierce, Florida. For more information on One Yoga Planet and yogi Margarida Tree visit or email .  Of course feel free to just drop in for yoga class at 116 Avenue A Unit B Ft. Pierce, FL 34950.  Call: 772-318-9695 Namaste…

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