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Organic Yoga Clothing

December 03, 2011

[caption id="attachment_403" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Earth is in Our Hands"][/caption] There is a lot of talk these days with in the yoga community about Enlightenment.  I am not going to trip out on this subject in this post, but i i do want to say a few things.  I do not claim to be an enlightened being.  I do work diligently on sharpening awareness and teaching others techniques that enable them to work on the process themselves.  That being said i would like to point out that this process of becoming more aware has more to do with action than words.  It is upsetting to me to see so many Yoga teachers preaching enlightenment and self awareness while continuing to make choices that are not only harmful to there bodies but also contribute to the destruction of Mother Earth.  I am not perfect and I am guilty of the very same thing in many of my actions but when it comes to teaching yoga you will not catch me wearing petroleum based synthetic clothing.  I will not name names but there a so many teachers out there wearing so called yoga clothes that do not allow the largest organ of the body, the skin, to breath.  They march up and down the class preaching "Breath, Breath, just breath" all the while smothering their own bodies in toxic chemicals.  I will not go into all the toxic qualities of this so call "High tech athletic wear" but please understand that this stuff is destructive to the Earth form start to finish.  It is oil based and we all are familiar with the evils involved with oil form the spills to the wars to the cancer. Natural Organic fibers are sustainable, and Organically grown fibers are free of toxic chemicals.  If you are a yoga teacher you should understand that what you wear influences what your students will wear.  Every one counts in the fight to save the Earth.  All yoga clothes should be Organic.  It is not enough to talk about enlightenment and the process of becoming more aware.  It is your job as a teacher to practice what you preach.  Organic yoga clothes are the best way to wear your values on your sleeve.  Besides these Organic yoga clothes perform better than the fake fibers made form polyester.  They keep your body cooler.  They very easily transfer moister through them and away from the body.  They are less likely to create an environment that fosters the growth of microbes.  Guess what, all these labels that say "antimicrobial" are on toxic garments.  They use Silver Nano Particles to make them antimicrobial.  Nano Particles are a serious health threat.  The only reason they use this stuff is because the garments themselves create a non - breathing hot slime environment where microbes thrive. The most alarming part is that the number one so called "yoga clothing" company in the world sells nothing but 100% toxic polyester garments.  They have sold more than $700,000,000 in products this year alone.  This is equivalent to a significant oil spill but instead of floating around the gulf it is seeping through the doors of the yoga studios across America on the backs and bottoms of yoga teachers.  Wake up people!  Image if instead of all that toxic stuff polluting our bodies and Earth we started to make individual choices that are healthy for our bodies and  the Earth.  Now multiply those individual choices by seven hundred million.  This adds up to a dramatic positive change. One of the best things about Organic Yoga clothes is that they are made by real people every step of the way.  Most Organic cotton is grown on small farms where real people turn the soil and cultivate the Earth using traditional, non-chemical, farming techniques.  Do you ever see and smell those big smoke stacks by the side of the freeway in the big petrochemical plants.  You know the ones with those towers that have the flames coming out of them designed to burn off some of the excess toxins.  That is where polyester comes from.  Everyone knows that Oil and Water do not mix.  This means that polyester is non-absorbant.  Now think about how they get the polyester fabrics to take the color dyes, those bright pinks we all like.  It does not take a genius to figure out that those dyes are an environmental nightmare. I am sorry i have to be the messenger of this information, but please do not be insulted if you have made choices without being informed.  It is not your fault because you did not know, but if you are reading this now you know.  The next time you go to the store please consider not only your own health but that of the entire planet.  You hold the power to change not only yourself but that of the entire world.  Your world will be a reflection of your self.  Awaken to the power and responsibility of your purchases and buy Organic yoga clothes instead of what the magazine tells you what to buy.  Choose Natural, Choose Organic, Choose Love. Namaste..

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