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Practice What You Preach

November 20, 2013

Hello all! My name is Hannah Rahel and I am Editor-In-Chief of Below The Seam focuses on encouraging philanthropic consciousness through fashion by promoting sustainable, charitable, and eco-friendly lines. I have been a longtime fan of YOGiiZA because of this, and written about them countless times in the past. Starting today, I will publish a weekly blog post right here on YOGiiZA’s blog for the yoga community. For my first post I wanted to talk about practicing what you preach. If you are reading this blog to begin with, you most likely practice yoga or are at least interested in it. Yoga teaches us how to become aware. How can we say we are being aware when we choose to wear clothing that isn’t natural? We are completely contradicting our intentions for practicing yoga. This is what I mean when I talk about practicing what you preach. We must be consistent in our values. If we honor the practice of yoga, we must honor ourselves, and the clothing we place on our body. I preach to choose organic clothing. Join me in supporting organic clothing. Shop YOGiiZA and receive 10% off your next order with the promo code belowtheseam xo, Hannah


(Featured in YOGiiZA’s organic short & sweet tee in ‘earth green’)

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