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Reflections on Karma Yoga with Yogi Amy

June 12, 2012

Amy Bloom

Amy is a gift to the Miami Community.  She is a wellspring of Pilates Knowledge & experience.  “Perfect” is an adjective that comes to mind to describe Amy and her Pilates class.  Her professionalism and enthusiasm shine through while delivering a dynamic and fun class.  If you are interested in Pilates you should be taking classes with Amy Bloom.  Thank You Amy for shedding light on Pilates.


Amy’s Favorite Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those you matter don’t mind” ~Dr. Seuss

About Karma Yoga:

Karma Yoga is often understood as a yoga of selfless service. We host this weekly community yoga event, every Wednesday where different teachers come to share their practice with us, followed by potluck. Karma Yoga is a free, invitation only social event. If you are interested in attending or teaching please contact Dawn Oliver at 305-397-8930 ~Namaste

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