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Release the Beast in NYC

July 22, 2014

YogiJoaquin at Kula NYC My name is Joaquin and my life is a dream. I teach yoga and acroyoga and I love Thai Massage. I say my life is a dream because just a few years ago I would of never imagined that I would be here where I am, a guy teaching yoga and travelling all over because of it. When I first came to yoga i thought it was the most challenging thing in the world. Yoga is so challenging when you are a tight and sweaty guy. I’ve come a long way and i still think the practice is the most challenging thing in the world. Blogging for Yogiiza I intend to share my experiences as an organic Pachamama conscious yoga teacher dude, I will share insight from my practice at home and on the road. I live in Miami but I am now in New York City visiting friends taking yoga classes, a bit of a vacation. I’ve been taking classes at an awesome studio in Manhattan, the Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca. My NYC home. I want to share about "Release the Beast" a class I took at Kula that had an interesting format. It was a 60 min Kula Flow followed by a 30 minute deep trigger point release class, the instructor was a badass Yogi dude Ariel Karass. The room was packed mat to mat, there was probably 6 men in class out of 40+ yogis taking the class.  The Kula Flow was a really good very intelligent and creatively sequenced my kinda style, not your everyday Vinyasa. When in Savasana Ariel instructed those who would remain for Release the Beast to stay. After a couple of minutes the class began to shift and most people left. We were about 10 left for Release the Beast out of which 6 of us were men. I thought it's interesting that so many guys stayed. It makes sense, guys we have more beast to release than most women. Kula Flow was awesome, Release the Beast triggers were profound. I think it's awesome to mix yoga with other healing art technologies, we have so much right now, why not mix the best.  I slept like a baby after. Yoga like this feels good and keeps mind and body present and balanced. I love yoga because it helps me be more conscious. I wear Yogiiza when I practice because it is conscious yoga wear made out of organic fabrics. Guys and girls, let's be conscious about what we wear and the impact that our choices have on the environment. If you are in NYC check out Ariel Karass and all the other amazing teachers Kula Yoga Project. Kula Yoga has two locations, one in Tribecca and one in Williamsburg.

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