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Sensei Donato Helbling

June 03, 2013

arianddonato1      Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending Professor Donato Helbling’s final Budokon Yoga class at the Standard Spa Miami.  Both Donato and Budokon are filled with energy and entertainment.  Donato is the kind of yoga teacher that makes you laugh and smile while attempting very challenging positions and movements with the body.  Budokon is a movement art form that borrows from both yoga and martial arts.  Donato has a way of making this otherwise advanced practice accessible to all people.  Women, men, young and old were all represented at Donato’s final class at the Standard.  Everyone worked a sweat, laughed at each other and themselves.  I had a great time and felt like I was part of a community larger than myself. Donato had been teaching Budokon at the Standard Miami for 6 years.  When I got the post on FaceBook saying Thursday night would be his last class teaching at the Standard Spa I had to attend.  I saw many familiar faces both in the class and in the spa on my way into the class.  The Standard is a very cool place and I always see like-minded people hanging out there.  Sensei Jason Mastrian will be taking Donato’s place as the Budokon teacher at the Standard.  Jason is a great guy and a very qualified teacher.  I plan on attending Budokon yoga class with Jason at the Standard but I am very excited that Donato will still be teaching in Miami. Professor Donato Hebling has opened up is own Budokon and Jiu Jitsu studio in Miami.  Budokon University of Miami is located on 9391 NE 6th ave, Miami FL.  Professor Guilherme Arashiro, master of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also runs the studio.  You can take regular vinyasa yoga at the new location as well.  I like when my favorite teachers move to new locations.  It gives me an excuse to step out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons.  The best thing about Donato starting his own studio is that he can focus on expanding, the already large, Budokon community.  There is a strong family like support that accompanies Budokon.  They work with you on life coaching and you immediately feel like you are part of a team.  Donato is especially talented at creating a warm and trusting environment where people feel at home. If you already practice with Sensei Donato I will see you at the Budokon University of Miami.  If you have never taken a class with Donato do yourself a favor and get up to the new studio soon.  Step out of your normal rut and try something new that will challenge you and brighten your future.  For more information on Budokon University of Miami call Donato at: 305-401-5312 or email: Thank you for taking the time to read, Namaste..

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